Bernie Sanders has an 11-point lead over Hillary Clinton among millennial voters

Hillary Clinton Escalates Her Attacks on Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton Escalates Her Attacks on Bernie Sanders

Millennial voters like Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

A USA Today / Rock the Vote survey found that Sanders has an 11-point lead over Sanders with 18- to 35-year-olds, a big gap that's helping to keep him in the race overall.

Support for the Vermont senator's presidential campaign is particularly strong among millennial women: Men under 35 support Sanders by 4 percentage points. Women under 35 back him by almost 20 percentage

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While it's not yet clear whether the millennials who responded to the survey will turn out to vote for Sanders, the results are in line with other recent polling: Sanders remains popular with younger voters, even as Clinton continues to hold a consistent double-digit lead in other national polling.

Billionaire Donald Trump leads the Republican field with 26% support from millennials in the poll, though that mark is lower than he's stood with Republicans overall in other recent national polling.

Overall, millennials list the economy as their top issue. Strong majorities support taking action on climate change, accepting Syrian refugees, making everyone pass a background check before buying a gun, and requiring policemen to wear body cameras.

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