99-year-old meets her favorite athlete for her birthday

99-Year-Old Grandma Gets Surprise Hug and Kiss from Football Star JJ Watt
99-Year-Old Grandma Gets Surprise Hug and Kiss from Football Star JJ Watt

A 99-year-old Texas woman got the surprise of a lifetime when her favorite athlete ran over to the woman during a football game to give his super fan a hug and a kiss for her birthday.

Asalee Poole thought she was just going to a Houston Texans game on Saturday in celebration of her big birthday when defensive end JJ Watt ran over to the sidelines to greet the birthday girl.

"Sorry, I'm late. Happy birthday!" he said as he hugged her.

Poole, who goes by Mimi, celebrated her 99th year on New Year's Eve.

"I'm Asalee Poole, and today is my birthday. I'm 99 years old, and I love little JJ (referring to her Watt doll), but I'd love to hug the big one," she said, giving the "Watt Salute" at the end of the video, which was posted to Facebook.

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Poole wore a '99' jersey to the game– which happens to be her favorite players number as well as her age– and got a Watt-themed birthday cake to celebrate the milestone birthday.

"What an incredible weekend this has been! A birthday that lasted 2 weeks for sweet 99 Years Young Asalee Poole aka Mimi! Her wish was to meet JJ and that wish came true yesterday," wrote Clint Jenkins, who organized the surprise with Poole's granddaughter.

Jenkins was determined to surprise Poole, he told INSIDE EDITION.

"I planned by asking her family what she wanted for her birthday. I even asked her. She said she wanted a signed jersey from JJ. So, I decided to contact all of the Texans and news pages on Facebook to get her story out," he said.

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Watt autographed paraphernalia and took pictures with Poole, who gamely kissed the football player on the cheek for one picture.

He didn't seem to mind, however, and instead kissed her back.

"Let's see how we can top her 100th Birthday next year!" Jenkins wrote.