10-minute rituals to end your day on a high note

Bulls eye Teacup
Bulls eye Teacup

By Genevieve Fish, My Domaine

When developing a nighttime ritual, consistency is key. You want to have a routine that signals to your mind and body that sleep is right around the corner. Whether it's slipping into your silk PJs, reading a chapter of a book, or soaking in the tub, small rituals that help wash away the day's stress allow us to enjoy the most fulfilling shut-eye imaginable. Scroll through to read about our favorite end-of-day rituals.


The best way to end the day with positive vibes is to be thankful. Think about the moments that made you the happiest, and of all of your accomplishments, big or small, that made the day what it was. Some of us fall into the trap of thinking about all of the things on our to-do list that we didn't get to, or about the "bad" food we ate or the workout we missed. Don't let the day end with you being a Negative Nancy. Relive the good moments and give yourself a pat on the back.


It's always important to keep your skin hydrated, but the cold winter months call for special attention to be paid. End your day with an intense dry brush and moisturizing treatment. Dry brushing helps flush away dead skin cells and increases our circulation (which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite). You'll feel more glamorous going to bed smooth and scrubbed. And this extra attention to skin maintenance will undoubtedly make you more confident in your body the next day.


Try never to waste a day. You want to live each day so that you can be proud of it. Taking a moment at the end of your day to think about what made this day special is key. Taking another moment to think about how you can be proud of tomorrow is also essential. We're big fans of planning ahead. If you plan for the express purpose of doing something you can be proud of, you'll likely set yourself up for success.


There are few things more luxurious than soaking in a nightly bubble bath. If your workout regimen is leaving your muscles extra sore, do as Gwyneth does and soak with Epsom salts. Bubble baths work best when paired with a pressure-point massage. Trade off with a partner, book an in-home massage, or learn how to activate your own pressure points. It will help you unwind and relax before bed.


We've all heard that daily stretching is essential for healthy muscles. But we suggest using a muscle stick to roll out your leg and hip muscles before you curl up under the duvet. If your day job requires long-term sitting, you need to pay extra attention to your hip flexors. Opening those up will help with your posture and circulation.


Tea time isn't just for the afternoon. Make yourself a pot of caffeine-free tea like chamomile to lull yourself into a cozy, warm sleep. It's best to indulge in a cup of tea an hour or so before bed, so as not to have to use the restroom in the middle of your REM cycle.


Whether you're solo or with a partner, setting the mood for a good night's sleep is a healthy indulgence we should all try to do. Turn off all of your screens, dim the lights, light a candle or two, and maybe even put on some soothing music.


Screen time should be limited at nighttime. Try to turn all digital devices off an hour before sleep, and reach for a book instead. Reading is the best activity to help take your mind off of the day and help transport you into a peaceful sleep.

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