Too much or on point: Gervais' Charlie Sheen crack

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are besties. They're writing a screenplay. They hang out, they hit concerts together, they're the buddies we all wish we had.

And it stands to reason they presented together at the Golden Globes, introducing clips from their two movies. Schumer managed to get herself bleeped out for using the C word.

But what about host Ricky Gervais' intro: "'Joy' and 'Trainwreck', not the names of Charlie Sheen's two favorite hookers," he said.

For those of who living under a rock, Sheen recently went on the 'Today' show to disclose that he was HIV-positive. So maybe the joke was perhaps inappropriate? Or hey, is it all in the name of humor?

Or maybe it's just the boozy magic we know as the Globes.

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