Florida man charged with stealing $3.2M from armored car company

Florida man charged with stealing $3.2M from armored car company

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- A Florida manager for armored car company Brinks was arrested in California on charges he stole $3.2 million in cash on New Year's Day from the company's Miami storage facility, U.S. authorities said on Sunday.

Miami resident Jose Agurto, 37, was arrested in San Diego on Saturday, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Agurto worked at a Brinks Co facility in Miami since September, authorities said.

On Jan. 1, surveillance video captured Agurto walking into the vault where money is kept and dismissing the only other employee on hand, according to court documents.

Minutes later, video showed Agurto transporting two bags of cash, weighing about 50 pounds, out of the vault and into the trunk of his car.

Agurto finished his shift and left a resignation letter, along with his service weapon, on a desk at the facility at the end of the day, court papers said.

Authorities said they had recovered some money but did not specify how much. The money was the property of BB&T Bank , according to the FBI.

Agurto is expected to appear in federal court in San Diego on Monday. A defense lawyer could not immediately be identified.