New 'sperm switch' turns fertility on and off like a light switch

New 'Sperm Switch' Turns Fertility On & Off Like A Light Switch

JAN. 8 2016 -- For years, aside from condoms, it seems women have borne most of the responsibility when it comes to using contraceptives.

Well, besides the vasectomy. But now, with the flick of a switch, that could all change. And we mean that in a literal sense.

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Insert Bimek SLV or "the vasectomy switch."

Sounds and looks crazy, but check out how it works: Doctors surgically implant the switch to the spermatic ducts where the sperm passes through and, you guessed it, a man can flip the switch through his skin.

You read that right -- through his skin!

And the sperm will be blocked, eliminating that chance of pregnancy -- or so the company claims.

And when a couple is ready to make a baby, he can flip the switch back, making things free-flowing again.

Now, before you go nuts, this procedure isn't on the market just yet. The Swiss company is still looking for funding and backers.

Hey, whether your feelings are 'on' or 'off' about this new invention, at least it's one flick closer to this song being irrelevant.

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