10-week-old kitten with a painful, infected eye gets the care he desperately needs

10-Week-Old Kitten With A Ruptured Eye Gets The Care He Desperately Needs
10-Week-Old Kitten With A Ruptured Eye Gets The Care He Desperately Needs

A 10-week-old kitten found on the street with an extremely painful and infected eye was brought into Vet Ranch in Texas to get him the care he badly needed.

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The feral kitten, named Oreo, was found wandering around alone with a nasty, swollen, scabbed-up eye. The person who found him took the little guy to a veterinarian, who gave him medication for the eye.

Although the condition of Oreo's eye improved, it did not properly heal and he was brought in to Vet Ranch so his ruptured eye could be removed.

Dr. Matt Carriker from Vet Ranch posted the video on YouTube.

"The eye is ruptured; it's definitely never going to heal. He's never going to have vision in that eye. The best thing to do is take out that source of pain and infection," Dr. Matt said in the video

Dr. Matt took the kitten into surgery, removed the ruptured eye and sutured up where the eye was.

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One day after surgery, Oreo was doing well and even getting his appetite back.

"His eye is a little swollen, which is to be expected," Dr. Matt explained in the video.

Ten days after surgery, Dr. Matt discharged Oreo and sent him to a foster home that was lined up for the little guy.

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