Single mothers top the list of most sleep-deprived Americans

Single Mothers Top The List Of Most Sleep-Deprived Americans

The CDC identifies sleep deprivation as a significant health-related concern, as those not well rested are at greater risk of developing a number of serious medical conditions.

That agency and the National Center For Health Statistics recently conducted a study to determine how much shut-eye the nation is getting.

They found single mothers living with children under 18 are the most sleep-starved people in America.

More than half of that group reported often feeling anything but peppy upon waking.

Nearly 44% said they get less than 7 hours of sleep per night, the minimum suggested amount.

In comparison, 37.5% of single fathers who share a home with their young ones admitted to not meeting the lower threshold of recommended rest either.

By comparison, for adults living in two-parent households, lack of a good night's sleep was an issue among 32.7% of respondents.

The people getting the most shut-eye are single grown ups with no children.

Only 31% of them fail to hit the prescribed mark.

Information used in compiling the numbers was taken from the National Health Interview Survey.

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