People who like to drink might also like to exercise

People Who Like to Drink Might Also Like to Exercise

They say a glass of wine day is good for your health. What if a six pack of beer could mean a six pack of abs? Or any type of alcohol for that matter.

Apparently, people who like to booze also like to work out. Scientists have found people who drink in moderation are more likely to exercise than people who avoid drinking completely.

They aren't exactly sure how it works but one theory is that people who drink feel the need to burn off the calories after a night out. Seriously? Because all I want is extra sleep and something greasy.

Associate Professor and Director of Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Houston, Leigh Leasure, also suggests alcohol and exercise both work on the same pathways in the brain.

The brain releases dopamine and endorphins with both activities.The majority of people feel good when they have a drink and when they work out.

Leasure thinks people continue to seek out that experience by engaging in both.

If only someone could find a correlation between drinking and sitting on the couch.
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