Heartbreaking confessions from spouses grieving the loss of their partners

The loss of any loved one is heartbreaking and saddening, but losing the person to whom you committed the rest of your life can easily take a toll on your entire self-identity. Especially if you lived a close, day-to-day existence with your spouse, continuing on after your partner's death may feel like beginning a whole new life without the person you love and trust the most.

Several widows and widowers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's really like to deal with the loss of a partner.

Factors such as raising a child might make it necessary to move on with life despite your grief:
My husband died 5 months ago today. It isn

Losing a spouse can affect your capacity for intimacy elsewhere:
I haven

The death of a partner often also means the death of a parent for your children:

Although your spouse might be gone physically, his or her presence will never diminish:
My husband died before my son was born. My son is now 11 months old and today he said "dada" and pointed. Could be a coincidence, but I believe it

Even when you are able to enjoy yourself, it might feel like it's disrespectful to your deceased partner:
My wife passed away a month ago tomorrow, I feel guilty when my friends take me out and I actually have fun.

Separating your past relationship from your future ones might be harrowing:
My husband died 5 years ago. A great guy just asked me out but I

Several widows and widowers have hope of finding their partner in another life:
 My wife passed away we were married for 30 years I am so alone can

The death of a spouse might make you feel like you were dealt unfair cards:
My husband died shortly after we were married. It

It's those little moments that make you realize how much you appreciate certain people:
My wife died 2 weeks ago. I

Old, beloved habits die hard:
My husband died of cancer. I

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Have you recently lost a spouse? Here's some more advice on how to cope:

How to Cope with the Loss of Your Spouse

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