Grandmother gives birth to own granddaughter 7 years after going through menopause

Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchild 7 Years After Menopause
Woman Gives Birth to Her Own Grandchild 7 Years After Menopause

A Texas grandmother gave the most precious gift to her daughter who was readying to become a first-time mom— the baby herself!

Tracey Thompson, 53, gave birth on Wednesday to her granddaughter at the Medical Center of Plano after agreeing to carry the child for her daughter, who had unsuccessfully tried for years to get pregnant, officials said.

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Her daughter, Kelley McKissack, 28, and her husband had struggled for three years to have a baby of their own.

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After multiple fertility treatments and three miscarriages, the couple was left with one final round of in-vitro fertilization and four embryos.

Realizing what was at stake, Thompson, who was already seven years past menopause, offered to carry the embryos as a surrogate, the Medical Center of Plano wrote in a news release.

"She's a special kind of woman," McKissack said of her mother, describing her mom's actions as "the best gift... for a lifetime."

Thompson underwent a series of coordinated medical treatments to allow her body to carry a baby again.

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"It is such a blessing that I can do this for my daughter," Thompson said.

One of the remaining embryos was successfully implanted in April 2015.

Little Kelcey—whose name was a combination of her mother and grandmother's names— weighed six pounds, 11 ounces when she was born.

"Grandmother, mother and baby are all healthy," the Medical Center of Plano wrote.

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