Google Cardboard helps save life of 'inoperable' baby

Google Cardboard Helps Save Life Of 'Inoperable' Baby

A novel device costing under $20 is being credited with helping to save a baby's life.

The patient in question is four-month-old Teegan Lexcen who had one lung and a critically underdeveloped heart.

The original medical team in Minnesota told her parents that no options were available to treat her and that she would likely not survive.

After a couple months, the family began searching for other options when they reached out to a pediatric specialist, Dr. Redmond Burke, at Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami.

There, he and his colleagues used previously taken scans of the baby's troubled organs and were able to examine 3-D renditions of them with Google Cardboard.

The virtual-reality device allows users to upload images to an app on their smartphone and explore a three-dimensional version of the object through the box's viewfinder.

This relatively simple system became instrumental in guiding the Miami team through the baby's seven-hour heart procedure.

Teegan is now expected to recover fully and soon join her twin sister Riley at home.
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