Ex-Wife of man who tried to steal Obama's dogs says he could've harmed first family: 'He's delusional'

Armed Man Arrested for Trying To Kidnap President Obama's Dogs
Armed Man Arrested for Trying To Kidnap President Obama's Dogs

A North Dakota man who was arrested in Washington D.C. after authorities say he planned to kidnap the Obama family's pet dogs could have harmed the first family if he had been able to reach them, the man's ex-wife told INSIDE EDITION.

Scott Stockert, 49, was allegedly found to have two unregistered firearms in his car when Secret Service agents arrested him at a Hampton Inn near the Washington Convention Center on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported.

The Dickinson man reportedly told authorities that he drove from North Dakota to New York to the District to take Bo or Sunny, the Obamas' Portuguese Water Dogs, and that he planned to run for president, the Post wrote.

He also claimed to be Jesus Christ as well as the son of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, according to reports.

"He's bipolar and schizophrenic and I do not think he's been on his medication in like six months," Stockert's ex-wife, Wanda Schutz, told INSIDE EDITION. "He's never gone un-medicated this long before and his delusional behavior has never been this bad before."

She said that the Obamas may have been in danger had he reached them.

"Well I think at this point, he is dangerous, because he's not thinking clearly," she said. "...Because (he thinks) nothing can stop him; He doesn't think anything's wrong with him and his mindset has always been 'I can do what I want.'"

She added: "His state of mind right now is just unpredictable; I don't know what he's capable of doing."

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She told IE that her ex-husband had a history of violent outbursts, but his delusional behavior had never been so extreme.

"This bizarre behavior has been going on for about two months," she said.

In addition to the firearms—a 12-guage pump shotgun and a bolt-action .22-caliber rifle—agents say they recovered more than 350 rounds of ammunition, a billy club and a machete with a 12-inch blade in Stockert's pickup truck, the paper wrote, citing a filing in D.C. Superior Court.

This was not his first attempt at making it into the White House, Schutz told IE.

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