Here's a complete list of all of the celebrities on Snapchat

DJ Khaled On Snapchat Success  Interview
DJ Khaled On Snapchat Success Interview


As Snapchat becomes more and more popular, a growing number of celebrities are joining the social media platform. Though there are some stars that are infamous for using Snapchat to grow their fame like Kylie Jenner and DJ Khaled, there are a ton of other famous faces whose daily shenanigans you could be following but probably aren't.

We've put together a complete list of celebs that have joined Snapchat and outlined what to expect from them should you add them to your friend list. Some of our favorites? Kate Hudson, Gigi Hadid, Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber. Some that we wish would post more? Rihanna, Selena Gomez, One Direction and Ryan Seacrest. Some that we wish would post less? We're going to stay tight-lipped on that.

Check out the full list for yourself below:

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