Boss gives employees a New Year's bonus, but it's a trap

Boss Gives Employees a New Year's Bonus, but It's a Trap

A boss of a company in China gave his employees a New Year's Eve bonus. It was money and he sent it through an app called WeChat, a Chinese app where people can send money and chat.

The boss was nervous about people using their phones during work and used the money as a way to find out who uses their electronics on the clock. The gift was for about nine U.S. dollars. It was sent during work hours as a Trojan horse -- and three employees fell for it.

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When we say fell for it, it's because people whoever opened the app to accept the money was fined 76 dollars for slacking off.

According to Want Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper, the boss said "Usually it's hard to tell which employees are slacking off work while playing around on their phones but I came up with a good method to figure it out."

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