OnlyOnAOL: Taylor Swift's bestie Martha Hunt on who works out harder

Behati Prinsloo and Taylor Hill On "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show"
Behati Prinsloo and Taylor Hill On "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show"


You know Martha Hunt as part of the Victoria's Secret Angels crew. She's as stunning in person as you would imagine. And trust us, dear reader, seeing her in a workout bra -- tight abs on display -- just days after that time period known as the holiday gorge-fest was, well, humbling.

She's also best buddies with Taylor Swift.

So we asked Hunt who would win in a workout-off (think a "Zoolander" walk-off, but with weights). Her vote: Swift.

"That girl works really hard," says Hunt. "I'll let her have it."

As one of the faces of Victoria's Secret Sport, Hunt is pretty much always in shape. After all, she models the brand's sports bras and workout pants. But.

"Some days are better than others. I wouldn't say I'm always my best. We all have to be in shape because we wear lingerie throughout the year. I was just having cheat days throughout the vacation. I try to stay really active. I try to fit in a hike or play volleyball," she says.

She feels sexiest, she says, "in a T-shirt hanging out at home."

As for her fellow model Elsa Hosk, "I eat so many cheeseburgers. My boyfriend said, 'Let's go have pizza.' I work out so I can eat whatever I want. I feel the sexiest after a workout. I feel strong and sweaty and have no makeup on."