New York director paints atmospheric portrait of city in poignant video

New York Director Captures Essence of New York in Poignant Video
New York Director Captures Essence of New York in Poignant Video

(Reuters) -- An award winning New York director paid tribute to his hometown in the summer of 2015 by capturing people, their activities and scenery in a new short film.

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Ante Novakovic, who was born and raised in the Bronx, said he had always wanted to "elevate" the everyday lives and activities of New Yorkers.

He hoped to give meaning to the tiny moments that can be observed every day in the city, he said.

The piece, which was uploaded online on December 29, was filmed using specialised lenses, refracted glass and edited using slow-motion to give the film a dream-like quality and a sense of timelessness, he added.

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Novakovic won Best Narrative Short at the Gasparilla International Film Festival 2013 for his short film "The Fix" which was also nominated for Best Short Film at The Sarajevo Film Festival and The Palm Beach International Film Festival.

He has worked with actors Harvey Keitel and Colin Farrell and contributed to more than 60 feature films, Novakovic said.

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