Getting your coffee fix might be harder in 3 years

Getting Your Coffee Fix Might Be Harder in 3 Years
Getting Your Coffee Fix Might Be Harder in 3 Years

It's probably time to start Googling how to grow your own coffee because getting that java jolt may be harder in three years.

Experts say it's because everyone has been drinking more coffee, including those who traditionally sipped tea. We're looking at you, England.

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The Telegraph says British coffee consumption has grown -- meaning more coffee shops have opened -- and also notes the rising popularity of pod and espresso machines. Thanks, Keurig.

Scientists say a combination of growing demand and climate change will really hurt our coffee fix. It has even been called a "coffee apocalypse."

Until that predicted shortage though, we're paying less per cup because weather conditions have been great for growing the beans in many countries. So enjoy it while you can?

The USDA says the coffee craze won't slow down and the U.S. is the world's second-largest coffee importer.

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