Essentials for a rainy winter

By: M Loves M

Over here in Southern California we're getting ready for a rainy winter! I always love rain, especially when I can stay inside with comfy blankets and a good book. However, more often than not, I'm out and about getting soaked! I put together some rainy day essentials that will be perfect for the El Niño season ahead!

I feel like I'm always losing umbrellas so this year I'm making sure I always keep one in my car, just in case. I love this plaid travel umbrella. It comes in a bunch of other fun prints too!

The trench coat I have doesn't come with a hood, so a wide brim hat is mandatory to prevent wet hair. I also like this trench coat that does come with a hood, and it's available in black too!

I have these rainboots and love them! The black with brown leather trim is so stylish and versatile!

When you're out in rainy weather, it's nice to have a bag that you can zipper closed. The last thing you want is to get the inside of your bag soaking wet. It happened to me and it was terrible!

Don't forget about waterproof makeup on rainy days! This liquid eyeliner is one of my favorites! And this waterproof topcoat will help seal in your mascara so it looks good all day long!

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