All 17 miners rescued from rural New York elevator shaft

17 Salt Mine Workers Trapped Underground in Upstate New York

(Reuters) -- Seventeen salt miners who had been trapped in an elevator shaft at an upstate New York mine have been rescued, officials said on Thursday, and the mine's owner said it would inspect the property to see what had caused the incident.

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The miners became trapped about 800 to 900 feet (244 to 274 meters) down the elevator shaft at around midnight local time, when a lift malfunctioned at Cargill's Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing, a town of about 11,000 people north of the city of Ithaca in central New York, the Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response said.

The workers were not injured, it said.

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Salt mine elevator malfunction traps 17 miners underground in Lansing, NY
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All 17 miners rescued from rural New York elevator shaft
(Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
A crane was sent to assist the rescue at the Cargill salt mine in New York. (Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
(Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
(Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
(Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
(Photo via Ithaca Fire Department)
Photo of last group of miners being rescued at Cargill Salt Mine in Lansing. #poolphoto #trappedminersnowfree
17 workers are stuck underground in an elevator at a Lansing, NY mine. A rescue crane is being set up, but the miners face very cold temps.
BREAKING: Rescue underway to free miners trapped underground in upstate New York
A look inside the Cayuga Salt Mine in Lansing where 17 miners are stuck
Crane to help bring 17 miners above ground in Lansing NY, they are not hurt. Deepest mine in N America @news4buffalo
BREAKING: 17 miners trapped 900 feet underground at a salt mine in Lansing, NY. They're stuck inside an elevator that broke down last night.

A spokesman for Cargill Inc. said the company would launch an investigation into why the elevator malfunctioned.

"We probably won't operate the mine for the rest of the week as we investigate the cause," said Mark Klein, a spokesman for the global commodities trader.

Technical rescue experts and equipment were summoned to the scene to help rescue the workers, emergency officials said.

According to Cargill's website, the Lansing mine processes approximately 2 million tons of road salt that is shipped to more than 1,500 locations throughout the northeast United States.

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