5 ways to feel beautiful at work

By: Simply Carmen Renee

One morning I woke up rather late and was rushing to get to work on time. I literally rushed to put everything on and just headed out of the house. Throughout the day I noticed my appearance was reflective of my morning, rushed and disheveled.

With all this being said, my appearance definitely influenced my mood. I didn't feel as confident, positive or upbeat. Has anyone else ever felt this way? We all have our bad days, right? Well today, in light of my recent incident I am here to share with you 5 ways you can make yourself feel beautiful before, during and after work.

1. Lay your clothes out for the week. One of the things I have in my bedroom is a clothing rack. I use this to plan out my outfits for my blog posts. But who says I can't use it to plan out my outfits for the week. Take some time this Sunday to identify what you want to wear and put labels on the outfits (Monday- Friday). Iron your clothes and make sure they look well polished.

2. Wake up early to do your hair and makeup. Makeup/ Hair takes time, give yourself about 30 minutes - 1 hour to fix yourself up you will notice a huge difference. Try a new hairstyle; add some eye shadow or pencil eyeliner; add a pop of color to your lips. Red, pink, or even a deep purple can really bring a polished look together. And make sure to keep those eyebrows on point!

3. Never leave the house without earrings! My mother's golden rule, feeling beautiful can be as simple as wearing some dainty studs to work. Earrings definitely make me feel a little more put together.

4. Wear flattering clothes. If your clothes are too big or too small, it's time to update your wardrobe. If your clothes look dingy and those unwanted stains cannot seem to be removed, its time to get a new wardrobe. Key tip hire a tailor to make sure your clothes fit you just right, and stick to neutral colors when it comes to work: blacks, greys, nudes, and tans.

5. Rule of thumb, wear heels. If you hate wearing heels like me purchase some wedges or a low heel or some really cute pointy flats.

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