Wheelchair users talk honestly about what their lives are like

Physical handicaps, whether you're born with one or acquire one later in life, can often be difficult obstacles to overcome. That being said, an amazing thing about human beings is our ability to adapt -- to new cities, people and even physical circumstances. People with physical handicaps learn not only to overcome their disabilities, but also to persevere.

Several wheelchair users took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what their lives are really like.

When's the last time someone won a medal for going to work?
Worst part of being in a wheelchair: Being told you

Pointed looks can often be as hurtful as words:
Please stop staring at my wheelchair. I

Being in a wheelchair isn't cured like a common cold:
Someone I haven

Wheelchair users might feel like they must prove themselves as independent adults:

Not everyone's ailments are going to be written across their foreheads:

Feeling different than the societal norm can crush a spirit:
Even though I know I can

Having a physical setback might make you wonder how much people are doing out of sympathy versus genuine interest:
Sometimes I feel like people are just being my friends because of my wheelchair not because they like my personality.

Everyone has his or her own story:
I use a wheelchair. I actually prefer when people ask questions, rather than assuming things about me and my life.

Some people might feign disinterest at the risk of being let down:

Positivity is key in looking forward to a happy life:
I use a wheelchair, and the terrible things people say to me question my belief that people are generally good. People are always surprising me with how awful they can be.

For more confessions from wheelchair users, check out Whisper!

If that didn't convince you that being in a wheelchair doesn't stop you from doing normal things, maybe this video will:
Wheelchair Snowboarding

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