Snapchat is shutting down one of its most popular features

Snapchat Will Stop Selling Its Animated Lenses
Snapchat Will Stop Selling Its Animated Lenses

Last year, Snapchat unveiled a new lens feature that allows users to add real-time special effects and sounds to snaps. After two short months, Snapchat has decided to shut down its popular Lens Store to focus on advertising.

The Lens Store allowed users to purchase Snapchat's most popular animated lenses for 99 cents each. Although the company sold tens of thousands of lenses each day, the store will officially close on January 8.

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Initially, lenses were offered to users for free but in November the company launched the Lens Store and began charging for some of the most popular lenses.​ Snapchat also allows advertisers to purchase Sponsored Lenses, allowing users to use limited-time lenses for free. Sponsored Lenses will still be available for advertisers and users after the Lens Store closes.

Take a look at Snapchat lenses below:

Although Snapchat's Lens Store is shutting down, lenses will still be available. Users will be able to use the lenses they've previously purchased. Snapchat will also make about ten lenses available to users every day free of charge. Snapchat says it will eventually offer popular lenses like the puking rainbow to users free.

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