Russians celebrate North Korea after H-bomb test claims

How Powerful Is a Hydrogen Bomb, and Should We Believe North Korea's Claims
How Powerful Is a Hydrogen Bomb, and Should We Believe North Korea's Claims

Some Russians celebrated North Korea after the country claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb in its northeastern region on Wednesday morning local time. They championed the alleged underground test as an affront to the U.S. and an assertion of North Korea's "brave" independence.

The shouts of praise from some Russians reverberated across social media, mostly among right-wing circles on the popular networking site Vkontakte, despite Russia's official condemnation of nuclear testing by a country with which Russia shares a tiny border. Leaders worldwide have slammed the alleged test as a threat and a provocation, although there are doubts about the claim and North Korea's ability to test the extremely powerful weapon.

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Some complimented North Korea for disobeying the will of other countries by making its own "brave decisions." "North Korea is a small and a proud country that lives by its own rules and not by anyone else's will," Alexander Tolyattinsky, from the Russian city of Tolyatti, wrote on Vkontakte. Others celebrated the alleged test for interfering with American interests. "I like how North Korea doesn't give a damn about the U.S.," David Melikov, from the Russian town of Luga, wrote. "(It's) one of only a few countries that can act like that."

See photos from the North Korea test site:

Others, however, seemed to support Russia's official position, sharing links of their leaders' comments on the issue.

North Korea's announcement that it conducted an underground test of a hydrogen bomb came not long after a 5.1-magnitude seismic event was registered near the nation's nuclear testing site. The claim has not been confirmed, and skeptics question if the tremor was substantial enough in size to indicate the country actually tested an H-bomb.

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Translation: "The official reaction of the leader of North Korea on Obama's suggestion to pose sanctions against Moscow."

Translation: "Expert says that even if North Korea has a hydrogen bomb it won't use it against its neighbors."

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