Recipe: Turmeric ginger tea

How to Make Turmeric Ginger Tea
How to Make Turmeric Ginger Tea

Inside this mug is a golden mixture that will make you feel like gold. The ingredients include lemon juice, turmeric, coconut oil, ginger and honey.

Allow your boiled water to rest for just a little bit before you add your lemon juice. Lemons are a great source of calcium, Vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, not to mention that their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are great for treating acne. Turmeric is a really powerful anti-inflammatory, which means that it's great for reducing puffiness first thing in the morning, plus it's known to fight cancer! Coconut oil is one of those good fats, so it's going to keep you full longer, not to mention that it moisturizes anything from your hair to your lips and skin. Ginger is another powerful anti-inflammatory, and it's particular good for your digestive system, so it helps you have a healthy gut. Last but not least, honey attracts moisture and makes your skin look plump, so you'll look radiant and youthful after drinking this, not to mention how great you'll feel.

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