Mom uses sons lifeless body to warn his friends against abusing drugs

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19-year-old Lee Kelly died two days after taking ecstasy at a club night in Glasgow, Scotland, The Daily Record reports. Kelly was found unconscious around 4am on New Year's Day and then rushed to the hospital where he passed away.

Although an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death, medics believed Kelly had taken MDMA – the active ingredient of ecstasy. Kelly spent two days attached to tubes as medical professionals fought to save his life.

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Despite her son's death, Kelly's mother Viven turned this tragedy into a lesson for his friends. While Kelly was still in the hospital, Viven made to the decision to allow his friends to see his lifeless body as warning to never abuse drugs. "We don't want any more ruined lives," ​Vivien told The Sun.

His mom revealed that this was the first time her son had taken drugs. "Lee and his friends were all having a good time at the party. They were all probably egging each other on and made the decision they should all have one. It's all gone tragically wrong. We just can't believe what's happened," she said.

The family is waiting on autopsy results but Vivien believes her son's cerebral palsy caused him to react so badly to the drugs. "He's obviously taken a worse reaction to it than all his friends," she told The Sun.

Officials are currently investigating Kelly's death.

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