Hotel construction turns up remains of late 18th century ship

Hotel Construction Turns Up Remains Of Late 18th Century Ship

The stretch of Alexandria, Virginia along the Potomac River has long been a bustling part of town, being built and rebuilt numerous times over the past centuries.

Among the latest developments is a luxury hotel, and excavations of the site have turned up remarkable finds dating back to the city's Revolutionary War-era past.

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Just a couple of months ago, workers happened upon the foundation of an 18th century warehouse. More recently, the remains of a ship hull from around that same time were discovered.

The vessel pieces are described as remarkably well preserved, a miracle of sorts attributed to the lack of oxygen in the surrounding mud.

Photo: Thunderbird Archaeology

Luck also intervened at least once. In one of Old Town Alexandria's many past construction projects, bricklayers came dangerously close to disturbing the ship's safe resting place.

Future plans for the roughly 50-foot hull include study, preservation, and possible exhibition, funds permitting.

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