Girl, 10, gets frisked By TSA agents over her juice box: 'I felt like screaming'

10-Year-Old Girl Upset Over TSA Agent Pat Down: 'I Felt Like Screaming'
10-Year-Old Girl Upset Over TSA Agent Pat Down: 'I Felt Like Screaming'

A California dad says he's outraged by the nearly two-minute pat-down his daughter was forced to undergo because of a pouch of juice found in her bag during an airport security check.

Kevin Payne of San Diego claims his 10-year-old girl was humiliated by a female TSA agent who searched her body after finding a Capri Sun juice box in her carry-on bag.

"It was not a justified search. It was an unnecessary search. It really violated my daughter," Payne told INSIDE EDITION.

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He claims that he and his daughter were detained for an hour at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, en route to California, while she was frisked and their luggage was searched.

"I was very angry, very, very, very, very, very angry," the girl told IE. "I felt like screaming, throwing a tantrum, running out of there."

Payne says he plans to file a complaint with the airport security agency.

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A TSA spokesperson said the search was part of proper procedures used by agents. The girl's bag also included a cell phone that issued an alarm, which caused additional screening of her luggage.

Payne posted video of the pat-down on the Internet. The footage shows his daughter, looking very uncomfortable, as an agent passes her gloved hands down the girl's back, thighs, chest and throat.

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