Teachers reveal how stressful dealing with parents really is

Jobs that involve dealing with other people on a regular basis have a notoriously negative reputation. Working in customer service requires constantly dealing with the wants and needs of patrons, often meaning putting up with abrasiveness and even rudeness.

While teachers aren't in the field of customer service, their job performances are constantly being held to the standard of their students' parents who, especially when their children's educations are at stake, aren't always a walk in the park to deal with.

Several teachers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain how difficult dealing with parents really is.

Just like you enjoy your after-work time, teachers enjoy their's you can't expect teachers to be constantly available:

Taking on the role of teacher may invite a higher level of responsibility if parents are irresponsible or negligent:
The most frustrating part of being a teacher is having unsupportive parents who just don

The extent of frustration certain parents cause might take a toll on a teacher's relationship with his or her student:
The most frustrating part of being a teacher is having unsupportive parents who just don

Knowing your efforts are for naught because your students aren't doing their work may make teaching feel pointless:

It might be harder to deny parents' requests, even if they're ridiculous, when you know they're paying a lot for a particular education:
I love teaching but I hate being a teacher for a private school, it makes me feel that the parents

While scholastic education is a huge part of growth and development, there are certain key things that must be learned at home:
As a teacher, I wish parents knew that no club, remedial class, accommodation, or help from school can replace the effect of their invested involvement in their child

Biting your tongue when you see family dysfunction is part of the job description:
As a teacher I always want to tell parents when they are raising their children inappropriately.

Although teaching is a job, passionate investment in the quality education of unique students is a life choice:
I don

Knowing what revered children do when mommy and daddy go away makes it hard to deal with parents who are in denial:
As a teacher I wish I could film children at school and show it to their parents so they could see they

Why can't we all just get along?:
As a teacher I wish you didn

For more confessions from teachers, check out Whisper!

Even frustrating parents couldn't stop this inspiring special education teacher from winning teacher of the year:

Special Ed Teacher Named Teacher of the Year
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