Seth Meyers and team parody 'Making a Murderer' and it's absolutely on point

Making a Talk Show Host
Making a Talk Show Host

If you are like most of America, instead of spending time with your family and friends this holiday break, you spent time binge watching Netflix's "Making a Murderer."

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Releasing spoilers to the public is a heinous crime, so that is not something we would ever do. However, for those who have sat through the more than 10 hours of courtroom footage and one-on-one interviews with the Avery family, you know how it can consume the average viewer -- much like one Seth Meyers.

In a short promo clip published on Tuesday called "Making a Talk Show Host," "Late Night with Seth Meyers" pokes fun at the 10-part crime docu-series, hopefully giving us more "Making a Murderer" parodies to come.

Much like how the series focuses on phone calls, the video shows a call between the "Late Night" host and an NBC staffer asking for Meyers to come back to work.

In a variety of hilarious exchanges, Meyers sports his best Mantiowoc, Wisconsin accent.

"I gotta come back? Supposing I don't wanna come back?"

"Don't get strange," says the NBC staffer. If you've seen the documentary, you've probably been sporting this saying ever since you finished, it's gold.

The SNL veteran simply replies, "I'm not strange."

Make sure to watch the entire clip above and be on the look out for (hopefully) more MaM parodies to come.

Check out more from "Making a Murderer" in the gallery below.

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