Massive blue star sapphire worth over $100M mined in Sri Lanka

Massive Blue Star Sapphire Worth Over $100M Mined In Sri Lanka

There may be a new record holder in the category of giant sapphires.

Gemologists in Sri Lanka announced they have examined a massive blue star sapphire mined in the country.

A value of roughly $100 million has been placed on the piece, though the experts say at auction the blue star sapphire could command upwards of $175 million.

Notably, the enormous and rare gem has already been sold to a man who prefers not to disclose his name or how much he paid.

He does note he feels the sapphire is, "destined to be a priceless museum piece," and not appropriate for use as jewelry.

The sapphire hails from a mine in Ratnapura, a place often referred to as the "City of Gems."

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