Yoga Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration in the New Year

Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration in the New Year

New year, new workout! There's not better time to try out all those cool yogi poses you think are impossible.

Look no further than these yoga focused accounts on Instagram for some inspiration:

1. Woman Warrior
@Yulady is a mother of 6 and a breast cancer survivor who credits yoga with bringing her through her medical issues.

2. Yoga and the City
Canadian yoga instructor Jared Fu shows his impressive pose skills in a series of urban environments. Is that safe to do on concrete?

3. Beach Bunny
@BeachYogaGirl exists to make us jealous. Jealous of her lithe flexibility, and the beautiful beach locations where most of her pictures are taken.

4. Pillar of Strength
Voluptuous girls are proud to see @CrazySexyYogi's flexible strength. Her account is a mix of fun photos and video clips.

5. Upward Facing Dog
Rachel Brathen's bio says she wants to do yoga and save puppies, which pretty much describes what you'll see on her Instagram page.

6. Namaste Sorbet
@JustFerd's pictures demonstrate yoga with grace and his athletic power.

Who else is already tired?

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