Police had no trouble arresting alleged robber who snapped and shared selfie with victim

Robbery Suspect Swiftly Arrested Due To A Selfie He Shared With Victim

Selfies are certainly popular, but taking and sharing the pics is not always in one's best interest.

18-year-old Victor Almanza-Martinez was arrested in connection with an armed robbery that took place in Pacific Grove, California in the early hours of Wednesday, December 30th.

Police knew to look for him as he took a Snapchat selfie with one of the victims and then sent it to her.

The photo was taken after the 4 occupants of a parked car were forced at gunpoint to vacate the vehicle.

Police say Almanza-Martinez and two accomplices took the group's belongings and then fled in their car.

He is now being held on $170,000 bail on numerous charges including armed robbery, possession of stolen property, and kidnapping.

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