Overweight waiters cause diners to order more

Overweight Waiters Cause Diners to Order More

It turns out waiters pull a lot of weight with your restaurant order.

According to a new study, if your server is overweight, you are much more likely to order more food.

Researchers at Cornell University and The University of Jena in Germanyfound diners who were served by a person with a high body mass index ordered significantly more items then people who were served by someone who had a low BMI.

In fact, diners served by overweight people were 4 times more likely to order dessert and they ordered almost 20 percent more alcoholic beverages.

Researchers say the waiter sets a social norm for the meal and having an overweight server makes it easier for customers to indulge.

Poor waiters already get blamed when you're food takes too long or if it doesn't taste good. Now they have to take responsibility for your breaking your new year's resolutions?

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Overweight waiters cause diners to order more


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