Banned words list for 2016

The Banned Words of 2015 Revealed

SAULT STE. MARIE, MI (News Fix) - 'So,' it`s 2016. That means brand new 'problematic' words and phrases considered to be utterly annoying, have been added to Lake Superior State University`s banished words list for the 41st time. And like Kim K`s butt, wordsmiths there are looking to 'break the internet' again.

Topping the 'stakeholders' 2016 list are 'vape', 'presser', 'secret sauce', 'conversation' and of course, 'break the internet.' 'Manspreading' is also, now, a no-no and don`t even try to ask for a 'price point.'

So perhaps on a 'physicality' the list also says using the word 'so' to start a sentence should also no longer exist in the English language. We wanted to 'walk it back' and see how many banished words we can us in one story. You know 'giving me life' and giving us all something new to say.

Check out our six second recap below:

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