9 feel-good thoughts from Kanvas influencer SweetLovely that you need to read

Almost everyone has a social media obsession these days -- whether you're a die-hard fitness Instagram junkie or totally addicted to Facebook food porn, it's nearly impossible to not find affinity for certain social media users.

On Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, one of the most consistently enjoyable influencers is SweetLovely. Here are some feel-good posts, created by Kanvas guru SweetLovely, to make sure your day gets a little brighter.

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Everyone needs a little self-confidence boost now and then:

If you want flowers, you're going to need some dirt, too:


Accessory goals embodied:

What's the point of doing what you're doing if you don't enjoy doing it?

Because who can feel good without pizza?

Try to look at this image without feeling at peace:

Yes, please:

Sometimes it's better to relax and see where the wind takes you:

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