5 beauty hacks for gym junkies

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Whether you're a first-time gym-goer or you've secured permanent real estate at the 8 a.m. yoga class, you know that looking flawless during and after a tough workout is a real struggle. But, you're in luck, because we have five tricks that will make your workout beauty woes a thing of the past. Check out these must-try fitness beauty hacks.

1. Spritz Dry Shampoo Before You Begin Your Workout
Dry shampoo is the holy grail of post-workout products. What you may not know is that applying it before you sweat will actually enhance its effects. Massaging dry shampoo into your roots will prevent your strands from becoming completely saturated by absorbing the moisture as soon as it hits.

2. Prevent Smudged Mascara With Translucent Powder
Caked-on makeup is never a good idea -- it can clog pores and might even look a bit over-the-top. But because you never know who will be running on a neighboring treadmill, we're not suggesting you go makeup-free, either. Our advice: Keep it simple and smudge-proof. Eye-opening mascara won't look overdone and will keep your skin clear to sweat. Start with a few coats of waterproof mascara, then set your lashes with oil-absorbing translucent powder.

3. Use Hair Oil to Hydrate Strands During Your Workout
Hair oils are a great way to keep your strands shiny and healthy, but they can be a bit intimidating, especially for girls with thin hair who may fear an overly greasy end result. The sneaky way to get all the benefits without any of the worry: Slick your strands with hair oil prior to a long run or an intense class for maximum absorption (dry hair soaks up the first moisture it comes into contact with). Then, simply shampoo and rinse in your post-workout shower.

4. Swap Gym Towels for BYO Towelettes
To prevent breakouts, you'll want to cleanse skin before you hit the gym and then wipe away sweat as you move through your workout. We recommend using cleansing wipes -- which will help eliminate bacteria and keep your skin vibrant and refreshed -- instead of the provided towels.

5. Pack Double-Duty Products in Your Gym Bag
Easy-to-apply, multipurpose products are a gym-goer's best friend. Our must-have? A lip pen that doubles as cheek stain. Bright lips balanced with flushed cheeks is a look that's ideal for the office, running errands and even OK for happy hour. But, most important, it's the perfect way to trim time off your post-workout beauty routine.

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