4-year-old steps up with big delivery for officers during hours-long standoff

4-Year-Old Delivers Food, Drinks to Police During Standoff

YUKON, Oklahoma (WITI) -- When a four-year-old Oklahoma boy saw police officers standing in the cold during a standoff, he wanted to do something about it. He asked his mom if he could get the officers coffee and pizza -- and that gesture is earning him praise.

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It took a lot of help to end an icy standoff in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Police, sheriff's officials and SWAT team members got a hand from Officer Colt Vinson -- a four-year-old who wears his badges with pride as he brings the bad guys to justice.

That's something Colt's parents have always taught him. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised at what he did when he rode past the scene of that standoff on Tuesday, December 29th.

"That was really cool that he wanted to help," Jillian Vinson said.

Mom called the local Domino's, which pitched in five pies.

Down the street, folks at the 7-Eleven contributed 52 cups of coffee for a little warmth.

"I told him thank you," Officer Robert Gilmore with the Oklahoma City Police Department. "Really, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

It was a small gesture, but hardly insignificant for Oklahoma City's finest.

"We really live in a great city and the people of the city really support law enforcement and that's a really good feeling in today's time. It's really, really nice to know that there's a young man out there that maybe wants to grow up and be a police officer just like we are," Gilmore said.

A day later, Colt didn't feel like playing cops. "He just wants to be a superhero, which he is," Jillian Vinson said.

There's not much of a difference between the two in this little boy's mind. "Thank you police officers," Colt Vinson said.

As for that standoff, 46-year-old Daniel Harris was taken into custody on Wednesday morning. He barricaded himself in a garage after a bail bondsman tried to serve him with a warrant. Harris was arrested following a 16-hour standoff.

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