3 secrets for younger looking skin

By: Wandeleur

I love being in my 30s. My career is pretty solid, I've found my soulmate, we have an adorable dog we adopted named Riley, we just bought a house, life is great! But one of the very few downsides is something I noticed recently. Something I'm just not ready to handle yet.

A friend snapped a photo at a baby shower and put it on Facebook and I realized, I'm not looking as...gasp...youthful as I once did. I look tired! My skin is splotchy, I'm getting sun spots on my face from all those years in the sun as a kid, weird jowl things are starting to form on my jawline, my under eyes are getting a little darker. WTH?!

I started to panic slightly, not ready for my body to start falling apart on me. I mean I'm only 32 years old. My skin isn't supposed to start sucking for at least another 20 years right? But then I started thinking about my beauty routine and priorities.

I looked back at my spending in the last few months and I easily spent $100 on a haircut, $45 on a mani/pedi, $100 on super cute new ankle boots (have to stay on trend!), $100 for an adorable new dress and only $12 for face wash and lotion. That means I'm spending like 4% of my total beauty spending on skincare.

And the absurdity of that is all the other stuff grows out, chips, fades, goes out of style. But my skin is still there! And it's something I only get one of and I have to wear every day. My beauty priorities need to shift! So what do I do to prevent this skin situation from getting worse? Can I reverse any of the damage now?

After a lot of research, I came up with a new skincare regimen that really works:

Secret #1: Drink lots of tea. Who knew that green and black teas can keep your skin hydrated, reverse UV damage and reduce inflammation?! The more you drink, the better results for your skin — and you're reducing free radicals in your body, which can help prevent skin cancer — win, win!

Secret #2: Eat foods high in essential fatty acids — skin friendly nutrients. Walnuts, salmon, poultry and fortified eggs contain these essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, fine lines, sagging and blotchiness. Delish!

Secret #3: Invest in a quality skincare regimen. My favorite? Rodan + Fields. Ever heard of Proactiv? The dermatologists who created Proactiv created a new skincare company in Rodan + Fields with four AMAZING skincare regimens that can revitalize your skin. The skincare lines include Soothe (for sensitive skin), Unblemish (think Proactiv 2.0), Reverse (for sun damage) and Redefine (for wrinkles). I've been using Reverse for about 6 weeks now and am in love!

Now that my skin is on the mend, my diet has shifted slightly and my beauty spending is reprioritized, I'm back to enjoying life in my 30s – but looking like I'm in my 20s again. Crisis averted. Whew!

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