Report: Browns to fire Mike Pettine Sunday night

Is Your Coach in or Out? Jay Glazer Breaks Down the Coaching Carousel
Is Your Coach in or Out? Jay Glazer Breaks Down the Coaching Carousel

The Cleveland Browns suffered a harsh loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17 on Sunday, allowing them to finish up with yet another abysmal record at 3-13. Even heading into this week, though, it was very much expected that this would be the final game Mike Pettine would coach the team.

Well, not only was that likely true, but it now seems as if the Browns are not going to waste any time in putting Pettine on the chopping block.

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According to a report from Adam Schefter, Pettine will be meeting with management on Sunday night, at which time he will be told that his services are no longer needed with the organization.

So if you had your bets placed on Pettine getting canned before Black Monday even officially hits, then congratulations, you won!

In all seriousness, getting rid of Pettine comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. This was a move that we all saw coming, so it's really no surprise that the Browns just want to get it out of the way Sunday night before the firing squad hits on Monday.

There are still many areas of need on this team before they can even think about being competitive once again, but they're going to start the process early on Sunday night apparently.