Kid Cudi paid for a bunch of his fans to see 'Star Wars' with him

Star Wars Facing Avatar for Top Grossing Film
Star Wars Facing Avatar for Top Grossing Film

Fans of Kid Cudi know the rapper and sometimes-actor is big into Star Wars. (He even auditioned to be in the new movie.) Still, they were probably surprised to see him tweet out an open invitation to catch a screening of The Force Awakens with him on Saturday night.

Check out photos from opening night of the highly anticipated film:

Cudi posted a message to his fans inviting them to an 11 p.m. Star Wars showing in Glendale, Calif., just outside Los Angeles. And if they brought a piece of Cudi merchandise or other proof of their fandom, they would get one free ticket.

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Why do this? "It's Star Wars. Why Not!" Cudi wrote, adding, "and I thought it would be cool to start the year off watching a great film for the 3rd time with some great company!"

He also added he plans to do this a couple more times in different cities, meaning he doesn't expect to get sick of The Force Awakens anytime soon.

Fans were clearly excited about the offer and took Cudi up on it, posting photos and videos thanking him for the experience.

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