Carly Fiorina wins key endorsement in New Hampshire

2016 Campaign Logos: Fiorina's Soft Elegance
2016 Campaign Logos: Fiorina's Soft Elegance

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina scored some good news in New Hampshire with a new addition to her team: Republican Ovide Lamontagne is signing on as a state chairman, her campaign confirms to NBC News.


"In my opinion, Carly is the most conservative candidate who can win," he said in a statement. "She is a principled, passionate and positive conservative leader who can keep our nation secure and protected while jump starting our economy and preserving our freedoms and liberties."

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Lamontagne has long been a big part of New Hampshire politics -- he first ran for governor in 1996, when he lost to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, ran for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2010, when he lost to Kelly Ayotte, and ran again for governor in 2012, when he lost to Democrat Maggie Hassan.

His wife Bettie has been supporting Fiorina's campaign since April. He has recently been working as a General Counsel at Americans United for Life.

"With Ovide leading our efforts in New Hampshire as State Chairman, we will continue to build momentum around the state," Fiorina said in a statement.

Fiorina, the former CEO of HP, is currently running in 8th place in New Hampshire polls, according to the latest Real Clear Politics Average. But she has spent a considerable amount of time in the state over the last year, making more stops than most of the other candidates according to a tally from NECN.

She returns on Monday for another 5-day campaign swing.

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