Buffalo Bills fan stupidly catches on fire (Video)

2 Point Lead: Bills Fans Gone Wild
2 Point Lead: Bills Fans Gone Wild

Sports fans do really stupid stuff, but one Buffalo Bills fan earned the title of "Stupidest NFL fan" after catching himself on fire while trying to jump through the flame.

The fan didn't even attempt to jump over the flame. He tried to put out the wood that was on fire with his butt. However, it didn't end how it was supposed to and the stupid Bills fan now had a flaming butt.

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What makes this even worse is that the fan now on fire didn't immediately stop, drop, and roll, but rather walked around like he accomplished something. Instead of doing as all young children are taught and stop, drop, and roll, the fan let his pants burn and the flame get closer to his skin. Some not so wise fans tried to put out the flame with beer, but said drinks have alcohol which only make flames larger.

This incident could have ended much worse, but this fan is lucky to not be dead or seriously burned. Next time he want to sit on fire there should be a bucket of water to douse himself in.