New Year's Eve + live TV: What could possibly go wrong?

New Year's Eve + Live TV: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
New Year's Eve + Live TV: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Some TV hosts might be ringing in the new year with hangovers.

"I got that bubbly. I got that bubbly. I got that!" CNN anchor Don Lemon said.

Some had Champagne. Some didn't. They all had fun.

"There's children here, Kathy!" Anderson Cooper told Kathy Griffin.

Over on ABC — tame by comparison.

"Are you guys ready for 2016? Sure are! ... I'll be starting the new year with broken eardrums," ABC correspondent Jenny McCarthy said.

See photos from New Year's Eve in Times Square:

Ryan Seacrest kept it PG with cheek kisses. It got a little more wild as the night went on.
"I'm here with my man Carson, taking over!" Terry Crews said.

"He's been spray-tanned!" Griffin said.

"The last time I was in Tipitina's ... I ended up going home with not a lot of clothes on," Lemon said.
"I'm looking forward to working a lot to pay for the lawsuits against NBC, who's going to sue me after tonight," comedian Whitney Cummings said.

"Happy New Year! Mwah!" said Lemon.

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