Conservatives ask: If Bill Cosby was indicted, why not Bill Clinton?

Donald Trump Hits Clintons, Says Women Don't Like Hillary
Donald Trump Hits Clintons, Says Women Don't Like Hillary

Bill Cosby's sexual assault saga entered a new chapter Wednesday when Pennsylvania authorities brought felony charges against the comedian. The charges come on the heels of increasingly intensifying media scrutiny of Cosby's relationships with the more than 50 women who have come forward to accuse him of—in most cases—drugging and raping them.

If you thought the story's new turn would simply prompt people to call for justice in the case or pray for the victims, remember—it's election season! Partisans weren't going to let an opportunity to smear an opponent slip by. Following news of the charges against Cosby, right-wingers took to Twitter to ask: If Bill Cosby is being charged with sexual assault, why wasn't Bill Clinton?

A Vocativ analysis of social chatter revealed that Clinton has been mentioned 3,218 times in connection with Cosby. Comparisons of the two stem from Clinton's allegedly womanizing past, and specifically from Juanita Broaddrick's accusation that Clinton raped her in 1978. During Paula Jones' investigation of Clinton in 1998, Broaddrick swore in an affidavit that rumors about Clinton assaulting her were unfounded. A year later, Broaddrick reversed herself and did an interview with NBC at the height of Clinton's impeachment stating that he had, in fact, assaulted her.

See photos of women involved in Clinton's life of accusations and consensual relationships:

Media outlets deemed the claims unfounded on the basis that no physical evidence was available and that she'd changed her story from the sworn denial. No charges were brought against Clinton and he denied the charges.

Picking the scabs of Bubba's sexual indiscretions comes at time when presidential front-runner and thrice-married paragon of morality Donald Trump has not-so-cryptically suggested to Hillary Clinton that he'll start going after her husband's past if she doesn't stop suggesting he's a sexist. If you're hoping to not have to relive all of Bubba's baggage again in 2016, prepare to be disappointed.

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