You can trash talk better thanks to these new football emojis


Well, this is cool.

SportsManias has transformed the emoji game once again, introducing the first-ever animated professional and collegiate football themed emojis to make talking smack with family and friends even more entertaining.

Last month, SportsManias released the first exclusive fantasy football emoji keyboard, which featured clever graphics of pro football's biggest stars, most well-known coaches and other recognizable figures, including the likes of Peyton Manning with his staple forehead helmet indentation, Andrew Luck and his famous (or infamous) neck beard, and Jameis Winston dining over a crab dinner. SportsManias is now bringing these emojis to life, releasing 32 unique professional football animated emojis, one for each team. The initial release also includes animated emojis for an assortment of prestigious college sports programs.

Football fans will be delighted with animations parodying their favorite professional athletes and converting them into emojis showcasing their signature celebrations, like Cam Newton flashing his Superman cape, which he frequently busts out after scoring a touchdown, and Odell Beckham performing "The Whip," his touchdown celebration dance of choice.

College football fans can use these brand new emojis to show their school pride and support their team during upcoming rivalry games and as bowl season approaches. These animated emojis portray expressions of transformed former and current college figures and feature moves like Tim Tebow doing the Gator chomp and Nick Saban tossing championship trophies.

Check out their college football emojis: