Tin-foil hat Kickstarter is bad science and probably a scam


It's true. You need to wrap your keys in aluminum foil to protect your car from being broken into, but do you need a tin foil hat to protect your head from government surveillance? One new Kickstarter campaign seems to think so.

For now it's being called Shield: Signal Proof Headwear, it targets millennials and it claims to block Wi-Fi and cellphone signals, microwaves, radiation and any other type of waves transmitted from electronic devices.

Photo: Shield via Kickstarter

The campaign currently has 238 backers and has raised $17,000 toward its $19,628 goal. That's fine, except that Internet detectives have raised several different questions regarding the project.

For starters, the science is off, there are no names of anyone attached to the Shield's official site, there's no trademark and there's no patent filing.

Despite about how you feel about tin hats, it's tough to tell if this Kickstarter is a scam or not, but the signs are there. Some even suggested that it's a made-up marketing campaign.

What do you think? Real Kickstarter project, or scam? Let me know your thoughts by posting in the comments below.