The most dangerous cities to drive in this holiday season

The Most Dangerous Cities to Drive in This Holiday Season

BY: Troy Frisby

While it's been unseasonably warm in certain parts of the country so far this winter, there's no stopping Mother Nature.

Snow is coming, and along with it comes the deadliest period of the year to take the roads.

If you have to drive, you may want to avoid doing it in Beantown. According to research by Allstate Insurance, Boston is the worst U.S. city to drive in during bad weather.

See the recent snowy weather in the northeast:

Drivers get into accidents roughly 160 percent more often than the national average.

And Boston's not alone. Other cities to tear clear of include Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and both Worcester and Springfield in Massachusetts.

Per the National Safety Council, the death toll is predicted to reach close to 350 people during the New Year's Day holiday period alone.

Meanwhile, nearly 42,000 people are expected to be seriously injured.

On the flip side, Kansas City, Boise and Cape Coral, Florida are named among the safest cities for driving during inclement weather.

So if you can help it, stay off the roads over the New Year's weekend. You want to live to forget about those pesky resolutions by mid-January, don't you?%

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