People confess why they believe in the power of prayer

There are countless ways people deal with stress, turmoil and tragedy. Some people pour their troubles out into vices like drugs or alcohol, others work through them with therapy or exercise. Many people, though, look to God to get through the things that ail them, and have total faith in the power of prayer.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain how prayer helps them through their hardest times.

Some use prayer to remind them of all the good things in life:
When things get so emotionally frustrating and lonely that I feel the urge to cry, I pray because I am blessed

Prayer might make people feel like they aren't making decisions alone:
I pray because I believe that God will guide me in the direction that I

You don't have to be very religious in order to feel salvaged by prayer:
I am not extremely religious but I understand that at nights I owe it to God to pray. It makes me feel at peace.

Feeling like you're not completely alone is sometimes enough to help you through the hardest of times:
Prayer helps me feel not so alone. It

Praying is always a healthier option than turning to drugs or alcohol:
Prayer is the best medication one can ever have.

It's important to do whatever it is that helps you appreciate how lucky you are:
My family have never been really religious, but sometimes I like to pray, thank god for waking me up every morning. I should really pray some more, because it makes me realize what I have and what I need to be thankful for ����

Having faith isn't the same thing as being religious:

Some people believe that change will come with enough positive prayer:I believe in the power of prayer. Pray today it will make a difference.
Praying might ground you and make you less anxious about the struggles you're facing in your life:
I don

Sending positive vibes into the universe can help you feel at peace:
Prayer is a way to ritually amplify the carrying power of your thoughts.

Praying might make you appreciate what you have, even if you're not done dreaming:
Prayer has helped me realize how good I have it, even if what I have is not all that I want.

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Find out what prayer means to Oprah, one of America's most influential figures:

Oprah: "Prayer Is Your Heart's Yearning"

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