If you smoke, you could be killing your pet

If You Smoke, You Could Be Killing Your Pet

Researchers found animals living in smoking environments have a higher risk of health problems.

Studies show pets exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone to certain cancers, cell damage and weight gain.

They also found when it comes to cats and dogs, the two aren't created equally. Canines are more likely to bulk up and show signs of some specific dog cancers. Cats, on the other hand, were shown to have an overall worse reaction when their owners light up. Scientists think it's because felines spend so much time self-grooming, they're ingesting more toxins. A diet of cat food and carcinogens doesn't sound too appetizing.

When pet owners reduced their cigarette usage to less than ten sticks a day, scientists saw a dramatic change in their pets' health. Nicotine levels dropped, which is great, but they were still higher than those in animals from non-smoking homes.

The difference is our four-legged friends in smoking houses spend their time indoors close to rugs and carpets where harmful substances from cigarettes end up.

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If you smoke, you could be killing your pet

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